Shoulder Surgery

The shoulder is made up of three bones: the scapula, the humerus, and the collarbone. The shoulder joint is formed by the glenoid and the head of the humerus. A joint capsule surrounds the joint, traversed by muscles and tendons. These muscles and tendons form the “cuff”. The rotator cuff, a set of four tendons connects the humerus to the scapula. Under normal circumstances, there is enough space between the head of the humerus and the acromion for the rotator cuff to move freely without rubbing against the acromion. The intermediate serous bursa ensures the fluidity of movement of all these structures.

Shoulder conditions often cause crippling pain and physical limitation. The shoulder is the engine of the manual function.
Whatever problem your shoulder is experiencing, our orthopedic doctors will provide you with the best possible care in our shoulder clinic.
Some of the possible diagnoses or causes of shoulder pathologies include subacromial impingement, rotator cuff rupture, adhesive capsulitis, instability, etc.